The Earthworks DK7 is the Ideal Multi-Mic Package for Capturing the Purest Essence of your Drum set

It’s one thing when top touring artists and session drummers like Aaron Spears, Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffet and Omar Hakim heap praise on our drum mics. But when Modern Drummer says that the Earthworks DK7 is “everything you need for detailed and accurate multichannel drum recordings and live-performance amplification” it’s time to pay attention. 

Legendary reviewer Mike Dawson was so impressed with the even, balanced picture of the kit and the 140-degree sweet spot of the matched pair of SR25s that he suggests you could get away with using only the two SR25s mics and a kick mic for any situation where you want an organic, drums-in-a-room sound.

When you need more reinforcement for your snare and toms, you can mix in the Earthworks DM20s. He mentions that the DM20s have such exemplary off-axis and rear rejection that all sounds other than those made by the target drums were practically nonexistent and that the DM20 on the snare was especially impressive for minimizing the dreaded hi-hat bleed.

The included SR20LS for the kick drum sounds punchy, but not overly so, and the tone, sustain, and decay matched what Mr. Dawson heard from the drum acoustically in the room.

To get your copy of the full Modern Drummer review or to ask more questions about how the DK7 will improve your practices and performances — or to learn more about which current tours are carrying Earthworks drum mics,  just get in touch.

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