How It All Began

Earthworks Audio was founded in 1995 by famed audio engineer David Blackmer. After David sold the legendary dbx company to BSR in 1979, he stayed on as a consultant for a few years before moving his family to rural New England. At that time, he had no intention of starting yet another revolutionary Pro Audio company. But he was driven by the idea of bringing the intimate experience of live acoustic sound to loudspeakers. As he tested tweeters developed by different manufacturers his ears began picking out qualities that were not represented in their specifications. This led him down a path of exploration; trying to understand what our human physiology is capable of hearing and looking to meet those needs in full with better technology. Today we are still building on the foundation of David’s human-centered approach to audio.

Our Technology

Speed is one of the simplest ways to describe what sets our products apart from other microphones on the market. Earthworks microphones can capture a complex waveform without smearing in the time domain or missing important content in fast transients. These seemingly modest, but incremental improvements in our technology stack together to capture audio that feels much closer to life. Some people have compared the experience to the difference between fresh-squeezed orange juice and 100% pure from a bottle. There is just something about what we do that feels like you are tasting life itself.

Our Philosophy

We are constantly looking to expand the human potential and to give creators better and more accessible tools. This is the criteria that we use when exploring any new product development opportunities.

Our Process

Earthworks is based in Milford, New Hampshire, and we design, tune, and assemble each of our microphones in our US-based factory. In addition, we machine as many of our own mechanical components as possible. Most of those components start their life cycle as 12-foot-long bars of stainless steel or aluminum before they are sculpted by our talented team of machinists. Hints of machined tooling on premium materials tell a story of intentional choices, all aimed at one objective — authenticity.  

While Earthworks is a global brand with a human-centered vision that we believe transcends borders, there are certain ideals that we strive for that start with our domestic workforce including the desire to create sustainable and rewarding careers in the manufacturing sector here in the US. It is for that reason that we continue to design, assemble and tune all of our products here in the US. That said, we do recognize that we do not have a monopoly on quality components, and it is for this reason that we continue to leverage a global supply chain and foster relationships with international partners.

Our Mission

Develop, design and produce technologies that are beautiful, simple to use, and push the envelope on realism in audio amplification, capture, and reproduction.