Don’t Make These Podcasting Mistakes!

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

Nothing ruins a great podcast more than bad audio. What good is an insightful conversation if you can’t even make out what they’re saying?

Here are three common mistakes that can happen when recording a podcast, and how to make sure you don’t make them yourself:

Gain Levels Don’t Match

Before you start recording, make sure that your microphone’s gain level on your chosen audio interface matches the gain level in your DAW. Not doing so will lead to unnecessary extra time spent making your audio louder, when it could be used for making creative decisions.

If the level inside your DAW looks/sounds quieter than your interface’s level, make sure your DAW is reading the correct audio input. You can check this in your specific program’s audio settings: 

Audio Isn’t Synced

Imagine this – you’re coming off a phenomenal recording session with great guests. You have all your recorded audio for your next podcast episode. You sit down to edit, but everyone is talking over each other. It sounds nothing like your conversation. This is likely because each guest’s individual audio files are not synced.

How do you avoid this? The answer is shockingly simple – clap! While you’re recording but before you begin your episode, have all of your podcast guests clap on the count of three. That way, when you start editing your podcast, you will be able to sync up the claps. And as a result, the rest of the audio should sync up as well.

This tip is specifically for when you’re recording with guests who are remote. If you and your guests are all in the same room, then there’s no need to clap.

No Backup Recording

This is a big one. For whatever reason, your audio is corrupted or accidentally deleted. In the rare (but always possible) chance that this happens, make sure you have a backup recording.

How you record your backup is up to you; you can set up a second recording software, or if you’re using Zoom, you can record a backup right within Zoom. Before recording, make sure Zoom is using the same input as your DAW. You can confirm your input by clicking on the small arrow next to the Microphone icon.

And here’s one extra mistake:

You’re Not Using The Right Microphone

More than ever before, your voice is your brand. How you present yourself and how you speak is crucial – especially in a world where a million different things are battling for people’s attention spans. Finding a good microphone is the first (and most important) step for your voice to stand out. 

The ICON Pro is purposefully built for podcasting and broadcasting. It has an extremely fast transient response and a detailed high-end that is perfect for podcasts. Not to mention, it’s a beautiful microphone. If you’re looking for a mic, then the ICON Pro is a great pick. 

Interested in picking up an ICON Pro for your first podcast episode? If you have any questions or if you want to pick up an ICON Pro from your preferred retailer, use the Chat button to experience our white-glove customer service.

And if you want to hear more tips and tricks from MxU’s podcast professionals, check out their free resource library.

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