The Fastest, Easiest & Most Economical Way to Upgrade The Sound of Your Entire Wireless System

The quickest and most cost effective way to boost the sound and performance of your wireless handheld microphone is to switch to an Earthworks wireless capsule. The new SR3117 vocal wireless capsule sounds pristine and offers phenomenal value — transforming any wireless system.

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

Upgrading Your Handheld Microphone with A Built-in Transmitter

A wireless handheld is the ideal microphone system for most lead vocalists. And by upgrading the capsule — you can easily breathe new life into any system. It doesn’t matter if your wireless system is older or if it’s brand new, swapping out the existing head for an Earthworks SR3117 will provide exceptional plosive protection with extremely high gain before feedback. 

The SR3117 offers a balanced frequency response with no trade offs and no compromises. The SR3117 has the power and quality of a condenser microphone with the safety and familiarity of a dynamic. Its transcendent clarity is easy to mix right out of the box without any special corrective actions. And its exceptional pattern control across all frequencies offers maximum feedback rejection.

Because of the fast and clean frequency response, the SR3117 will not add any mud to the low frequencies or harshness to the highs. It is voiced with rich, clear lows, smooth vibrant mids and open airy highs ensuring that you will not limit or accentuate your voice in any abnormal ways.

The consistent pattern control enables more directionality and usability ensuring that you keep a good tone and volume level even when vocalists pull away. And the tight pattern control across all frequencies offers maximum feedback rejection.

The overall sonic performance does not come at the expense of usability. The SR3117 is built and designed for all situations — and for performers of every level. Whether this is your first microphone upgrade or your last, it is incredibly forgiving and safe to use. Use it with confidence on stage or during worship.

At only $179, using the SR3117 on your existing wireless microphone is an insane value. 

The SR3177 is compatible with the following wireless systems: Shure ULX-D, QLX-D, and Axient — Audio Technica 3000, 5000, and 6000 Series — Lectrosonics HH and HHa — and Line 6 V75 and V55.

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