Use the Right Gear and You Will Automatically Start Creating Better Content

As the producer behind iHeartRadio’s regular livestream concert series, Bryan Olinger shares concrete & practical advice on how you can create even better content for your streams and productions simply by choosing the right microphones, interfaces, and cameras.

If you don’t have the right microphone, you are simply saying to your audience that you do not care and that you are not worth their time.

This is 2022 and the tools are easily accessible and available even if you’re a one-man band. 

Look. It really is this simple. Having the right gear — the stuff that just works seamlessly — leads to EASE and PRESENCE. And ease & presence are the foundations of the creative environment. When I don’t need wires and boxes, I simply get to focus on STORY and EMOTION. 

I get to focus on the WHY. Not the HOW. 

See, buying the right tools —  the right microphone and interface —  is about not wanting to be mentally encumbered. Because when you get all of the tools rinsed away, what are you left with? You’re back on the canvas. You’re not worrying about, “Ah, man. Is that zoom motor going to allow me to do a slow zoom at the right speed while that acoustic guitar is being plucked?” No. When you have that properly accounted for, you are now just going, “Okay. Then at this moment, we’re going to have a slow zoom,” and immediately you’re moving on because you know what the next cut is because you didn’t have to think about that. You’re involved in the show and you are creating.

What I’m getting at is there are a lot more resources now that don’t break the bank to do things that were once cost-prohibitive. Because you did need three cameras, you did need a four-channel audio recorder, and that was going to require either having a credit card with a lot of limit on it or having a serious budget to absorb it all. 

But now, there are tools coming out all the time. They’re getting lighter, they’re getting more affordable. It’s incredible. I’ve seen some really amazing stuff that I’m still like, how is this 100 bucks? It’s recording four channels of audio and still giving me an out into my camera.

There’s so much stuff out there that you can go down to your local vendor and you can rent things, and it’s not going to break the bank. Renting was a four-letter word at one point. You just didn’t think you’re like, “Oh, I’m just going to rent that,” but now it’s like, “So I can rent an R5 for $69 a day. Oh, okay. I can do my job.” 4K has never been more affordable. 

We’re at a unique crossroads where we’re starting to be able to play this thing of how can I answer resource limitations with technology. Ask me 10 years ago when it was just exciting that a DVX100 did 2398 on the DV tape and I’d be like, “Technology helping me out,” but fast forward now and more people than ever have access to mirrorless and DSLR cameras, microphones have gotten exceptionally more affordable, audio recorders have become exceptionally more affordable, the list goes on.

Bryan Olinger is an experienced Director and Senior-level Producer with a dynamic history of working in the broadcast and content creation industry. His recent work showcases artists from every genre — from Coldplay and The Black Keys to Jason Aldean and Alicia Keys.

He’s a seasoned Videographer with professional skillsets in Visual Storytelling, Video Editing, and Video Production Logistics and he specializes in remote production solutions. Bryan brings over 15 years of experience working in the TV/Film industry on national broadcasts, major release films, national commercial campaigns, and top market live streams. He specializes in creating solutions to deliver show series and one-off live streams reliably on budget each episode and has a strong background in new technologies and Livestream solutions.

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