Here’s How HEDD Audio Uses Earthworks Measurement Mics To Tune Industry-Standard Speakers

Dr. Frederik Knop of HEDD Audio talks about why microphone choice matters when tuning speakers. He also shares the backstory and mission of HEDD Audio.

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

I have been following the work of Earthworks since the early 2000s. The level of accuracy and reliability of these microphones is simply amazing. We truly trust them and have never ever had a single problem with any of their products in the lab and production floor. 

We use the M50 everyday, all the time, mainly in two scenarios. Firstly, in R&D when we are designing new prototypes and need accurate measurements of their near- and far-field behavior, their dispersion / directivity, distortion, and so on. The fact that they can reproduce up to 50kHz makes them a perfect fit in the process of working on improvements of the Air Motion Transformer drivers – the signature technology of our brand.

Secondly, we need Earthworks mics when QC’ing the bigger speakers. All our 3-way monitors go through a complicated QC process, in which we measure frequency and phase response at various SPL and stress levels. We are a Made in Germany brand, and we need to make sure that every monitor that leaves the company is in the best possible shape. Therefore we need to trust all the tools that are involved in the assembling and testing process, first and foremost the microphones.

On How HEDD Got Its Start

We are a Berlin-based manufacturer of high-end studio monitors and headphones. Our speakers are DSP-powered and boast features like hand-assembled Air Motion Transformer drivers, full-range Phase Alignment, and the ability to run them with or without bass reflex ports (Closed or Ported / CoP). The HEDDphone® is the first full-range headphone based on the Air Motion Transformer driver.

I founded the company alongside my father Klaus Heinz, who spent his whole life working in the space between classical music and loudspeaker design. 

When my father left ADAM in 2014, I was a mastering engineer and had just earned a PhD in Musicology. It seemed like a really good foundation for a new company, him coming from classic physics and acoustics, and me bringing in the hands-on perspective of a sophisticated engineer and musician. We see HEDD as a modern, young, and innovative company that seeks to compete against the best studio speaker and headphones brands in the world.

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