What You Need to Start a Podcast in 2023

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

Over one-third of Americans (104 million) listen to podcasts regularly. Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts. Simply put, there has never been a better time to start a podcast.

Is your new year’s resolution to start a podcast? You’ll need the right gear to start up and stand out. Here’s what you’ll need:

A Good Microphone

More than ever before, your voice is your brand. How you present yourself and how you speak is crucial – especially in a world where a million different things are battling for people’s attention spans. Finding a good microphone is the first (and most important) step for your voice to stand out. 

The ICON Pro is purposefully built for podcasting and broadcasting. It has an extremely fast transient response and a detailed high-end that is perfect for podcasts. Not to mention, it’s a beautiful microphone. If you’re looking for a mic, then the ICON Pro is a great pick. 

You could also use a USB microphone (such as the ICON) if you’re remotely recording or if your podcast is just one person speaking, but if you have multiple speakers in one room, then you’ll need:

A Good Audio Interface

With an audio interface, you can connect XLR microphones like the ICON Pro to your computer. You can also easily connect a pair of headphones, monitor your gain levels, and supply phantom power to any condenser microphone (such as the ICON Pro).

A Computer

Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer to record audio. You’ll also need a digital audio workstation (DAW) for editing said audio. The MxU Podcast uses Pro Tools, but you can choose another DAW that suits your specific needs.

Interested in picking up an ICON Pro for your first podcast episode? If you have any questions or if you want to pick up an ICON Pro from your preferred retailer, use the Chat button to experience our white-glove customer service.

And if you want to hear more tips and tricks from MxU’s podcast professionals, check out their free resource library.

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