The Perfect Holiday Gift for Every Sound Engineer

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for that special audio engineer in your life? The right measurement microphone is a tool that they will love.

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

For the audio engineer in your life, finding a gift that they love can really be a hassle. An engineer’s work is so specific and tailored to whichever part of the industry they belong to — studio recording, live sound, or AV installation. You don’t want to accidentally buy them the wrong gift or something that they can’t use daily.

So is there one gift that adds value to any audio engineer’s life? Is there one gift that will be their pride and joy and that will make them feel great every time they use it?

Is there one gift that their friends and peers will be envious of? Yes. Of course! An Earthworks Audio measurement microphone.

No matter what kind of work an audio engineer does, there is always a need to ensure that the space they record in is tuned for all frequencies. Not tuning your space means you open your recordings up to unwanted frequencies and noises.

By giving the gift of any Earthworks measurement microphone – the M23, M30 or M50 on their own, or an array of the infinitely-matched M23R – you’re giving the audio engineer in your life a priceless tool that will stay by their side for years to come.

If you have any questions or if you want to pick up a measurement mic from your preferred retailer, use the Chat button to experience our white-glove customer service.

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