How to Sound Like Casey Cooper & Get 2.6M Followers

With over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 630 million total views, Casey Cooper has become one of the most popular and respected drumming content creators. 

But how does he capture every transient of his drum kit with accuracy and detail? How does he look and sound so confident and relaxed?

Casey Cooper uses and trusts the Earthworks DK7 drum mic package on every video shoot and performance. That lets him focus on performing knowing that his drums sound full and powerful. 

And because of the speed and accuracy of the drum mics, his post-production work is cut in half allowing Casey and his team to focus on the creative aspects.

“When I need to perform at my highest level, I always reach for my Earthworks drum mics. There’s no other option for recording, performing live, or content creation.”

Casey Cooper, COOP3RDRUMM3R

If you want that Coop3rdrumm3r sound and if you’re interested in getting your kit to look and perform the same as Casey Cooper’s, then grab a DM20 or an SR25 from your favorite reseller and take them for a test drive. 

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