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What is phase response?

How much one frequency is time delayed in comparison to other frequencies.

Phase Response in Loudspeaker Systems

You may be familiar with “time aligned” loudspeaker systems that are corrected in the time domain to ensure that sound from the high frequency drivers and low frequency drivers are arriving at the listening position at the same time in relation to each other.

This will ensure that transients are accurately reproduced and minimize any phase errors between the high frequency and low frequency drivers (i.e. they are accurately working in the same time domain).

Phase Response in Microphones

Although Earthworks Microphones do not have multiple diaphragms, like time aligned loudspeaker systems, they must also be accurate in the time domain, to precisely capture high and low frequency sounds with no phase errors which will smear transients and create other time related distortions.

Earthworks® High Definition Microphones are “Time Coherent” and are accurate in the time domain to precisely capture and reproduce transients with no phase errors.

10kHz phase shifted is the light blue line