Audio Samples: Vocals

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High Definition Microphones on Vocals

[margin10] The clarity and sound quality of vocals is of utmost importance for both recordings and live performance. We will compare an Earthworks QTC40 high definition microphone against the legendary Neumann tube U-47 and Neumann U87, which are considered by many sound engineers as two of the best vocal microphones available.
[margin10] 1st – Neumann tube U-47
[margin10] 2nd – Neumann U87
[margin10] 3rd – Earthworks QTC40
[margin10] (there is a short blank space between the two recordings)

Comparative Recording

U47, U87, then Earthworks QTC40   |   download wav


Individual Recorded Segments

Neumann tube U47 on vocal   |   download wav

Neumann U87 on vocal   |   download wav

Earthworks QTC40 on vocal   |   download wav

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