CMK5 CloseMic™ Kit

5-Microphone Close Miking Tom & Snare Kit

The CMK5 CloseMic™ Kit is designed for close miking tom and snare. The microphones are housed in a high impact case that will withstand the rigors of the road and store each  microphone with the RM1 attached, thus saving time in setup and teardown.

  • Cardioid polar pattern

  • Rugged gooseneck will not move when drums are hit hard

  • Includes (5) DM20 DrumMic™, (5) RM1 RimMount™, (5) windscreen and (1) high impact case

From $2099

  • Frequency response from 20Hz-20kHz captures more detail and dynamics of your playing
  • Ultra fast impulse response makes this microphone ideal for reproducing the full detail of the attack
  • Substantially shorter diaphragm settling time prevents subtle details from being blurred or covered by earlier loud attacks
  • Near-perfect cardioid polar pattern reproduces all specified frequencies uniformly at any position within the pattern
  • With 32dB of rear rejection, it is ideal for live performances or recording environments where there may be bleed from surrounding instruments
  • More gain before feedback
  • 150dB SPL ensures the mic will not overload from the loudest of drum attacks
  • The microphone head housing is designed to protect the microphone capsule and withstand a direct hit from a drumstick
  • Flexible but rigid gooseneck that will not move when the drums are hit hard
  • Heavy stainless steel construction is able to withstand the punishment of all touring environments
  • RM1 RimMount™ is included for mounting the DM20 on rim of snare or toms

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Sensitivity: 8mV/Pa (-42dBV/Pa)

Power Requirements: 24-48V Phantom, 10mA

Max Acoustic Input: 150dB SPL

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 74dB A-weighted

Output: XLR (pin 2+)

Output Impedance: 200Ω balanced (between pins 2 & 3)

Min Output Load: 100Ω between pins 2 & 3

Noise: 20dB SPL equivalent (A weighted)

Dimensions L x D: 282mm x 22mm (11.12 x .860 inches)

Gooseneck Length: 121mm (4.75 inches)

Weight: .55 lb. (.25kg)

  • Drums/Percussion
  • (1) PW1 Foam Windscreen
  • (1) LP20 LevelPad™
  • (1) RM1 RimMount™

“Really love the design and how no mic stands are in the way. I think you have a real winner here. These will be THE tom mics in my studio.”

Carter McLean, Drummer

“Really great sounding mic overall. Very clear and clean sounding. Details spoke nicely.”

Keith Carlock, Drummer