Phantom Power Updates & Notifications For Earthworks Audio Streaming And Broadcast Microphones

With an ever growing array of excellent gear from a wide variety of consumer and professional electronic manufacturers on the market, we recognize that there is likely to be gear in use with your Earthworks product that uses a phantom power voltage slightly above 48V, as allowed for in the P48 phantom specification. The vast majority of these tolerances are within expected ranges and our gear must be capable of handling that.  Unfortunately we have discovered that with all the challenges of the last 2 years, some of our products within our streaming and broadcast line may have shipped with an internal component that is more susceptible to failure when phantom power spikes or exceeds 48vP. Please note that the failure of this component will not damage any other gear in your signal chain but it can cause your microphone to suddenly stop working.

For products that have failed in this way we have covered them under warranty, and will continue to do so moving forward. As data has come in, we believe we have traced this issue down to the failure of a particular diode, but because these electronics are encapsulated during the manufacturing process, this component is not accessible for inspection on products already in the field.

As of March of 2022 we have implemented several quality control measures to ensure the correct spec and performance on this component for all products leaving the factory, but because Earthworks recognizes that being able to use your gear with confidence is central to a great experience we are taking the following additional steps:

  • Those customers owning a product with a serial number ending in K, L, M, or 0001-1500N will have their standard 2 year electronic warranty extended to our premium 10 year warranty.
  • If you purchased a product in the associated SN range, there is nothing that you need to do. Your warranty will be automatically upgraded so that in the event of this kind of failure you may simply reach out to our warranty team for a no cost replacement.
  • If you have been using your product without issue, we expect you will continue to get years of use out of it, and you can simply enjoy the product with the added confidence of the premium 10 year warranty. 

What to do if you believe your product has failed in this way:

What not to do:

  • Please do NOT attempt to open the product and replace the failed diode as this will void the warranty. 

We deeply appreciate the support of our loyal customers and are committed to standing behind our products in every way to ensure that we stop at nothing short of excellence.

Like many manufacturers over the last 2 years, Earthworks has navigated component shortages, multi-year lead times, volatile price fluctuations, and labor challenges, but we believe the experience of owning an Earthworks should be free from these challenges.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you as we continue to invest in US-based innovation, design, manufacturing assembly, and customer service. 

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