Milford, NH, July 12, 2010 – “We chose to use the Earthworks PM40T with Rufus Wainwright because they needed a mic that would be natural sounding, detailed and sympathetic to the various playing styles that Rufus incorporates during his show.  We tried several mics and piano miking systems and everyone instantly felt the PM40 to be the best. Its versatility, speed and simplicity to set up, regardless of what piano you use, was an added bonus.”

“The show being a solo performance, both voice and piano are laid bare for the audience to see or in actuality, hear. So, it was essential to find a microphone that can represent the complexity of tone and dynamics found in a grand piano. Presenting the piano in a natural, unimposing manner, allowing the audience to feel as though they are seeing an acoustic show (albeit an enhanced show). This was also visually achieved by the PM40T as it is conspicuous and unimposing, basically hidden to the audience and not requiring any external stands or obtrusive cabling. A lovely sounding microphone that maintains its integrity whether the piano is fully open, on a short stick or fully closed. This has helped maintain a level of consistency for the show in any situation we have found ourselves in. Be that indoors, outdoors or accompanied by other instruments.With only a voice and piano, both elements are under a microscope as there is no other instrumentation to detract or distract from either of them. So, the quality of reproduction has to be at its highest and with the PM40, I think we achieve that.” – Suneil Pusari, Engineer for Rufus Wainwright

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