Earthworks is pleased to announce that legendary drummer Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett has joined its family of artists. Moffett has been a drummer for Michael Jackson, The Jacksons, Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson, Elton John, George Michael, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, 3T, The Eagles, Julian Lennon and many others, in addition to receiving eleven RIAA Platinum recording awards.

In April 2018, Moffett used Earthworks microphones while at Drumeo’s headquarters for his lesson series and his videos from these sessions have garnered millions of views. “The mics sound phenomenal. This was my first use of the Earthworks mics and I’m getting nothing but huge compliments on the drum sound. When I first heard a playback at Drumeo, I said, ‘Oh my God, these mics sound so clean and so true.’ They translate the projection of the drums and still sound pretty warm. I was blown away with the sound. It made me smile even more to know that I had some of these mics at home; they were mine and this is now my sound.”

“My new Drumeo videos of ‘Beat It’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ are getting millions of views and the drums miked with the Earthworks mics sound unbelievable. The drums are seriously slammin’ it is unreal. The definition, the strike and the attack is just mind blowing. Using the Earthworks microphones I get a sound on the kit and I am able to tune the way I tune a kit and I am in my element. I have heard that these videos have the best drum sound that Drumeo has ever had on a drum kit from all the artists who have played on the Drumeo website.”

Moffett was familiar with Earthworks but had never had a chance to try them. It was at The NAMM Show in January 2018 that Moffett was introduced to Earthworks by good friend and Earthworks artist, Tony “Thunder” Smith.

Moffett’s first sonic impressions were lasting following his visit with Earthworks. “This was the first time I actually heard these mics and I was very, very impressed. I was very curious how they got this big sound out of the small microphone capsules. I think the Earthworks mics are of an amazing design and they reproduce such a large clean and clear sound. I also like the mounting system that attaches them to the rim of the snare and toms. In addition, these mics also have such a modern, progressive and beautiful look. After hearing these mics in action, I told them I would like to come on board as an endorsee. So, thanks to Tony “Thunder” Smith who introduced me to the Earthworks people in person, now I am a proud endorser of Earthworks drum microphones. I love, love, love these microphones.”

Moffett’s current setup includes Earthworks SR25s for overhead mics, DM20s on snare and toms, and the SR20LS on kick drum.

“I am very proud to have this partnership with Earthworks because I feel their mics best represent my voice in drumming that I want to convey to the audience and the listeners.”

“They seem to be more of a pinpoint receiver of the sound. I hear more of the attack with a clean definition in the strike of the drums. These microphones are able to more accurately translate my expressions and have a cleaner more direct pinpoint of the rhythmus and figures that I am playing on the drum set. It does all this without losing anybody in the sound. In addition, the sound is strong and powerful. I also think these mics make the mixing engineer’s job much easier because of the accuracy and sound of the microphones. So I am very happy and proud to now have Earthworks microphones as the translators for my sound and my music as I use a pretty big size drum kit.”

“Another thing that is very important to me is the attack on the kick drum. Using other mics, I have always added high frequency EQ to get the attack and definition of the beater. This has to translate because of the fast kick drum figures that I play, so can’t sound too boomy. Low end is wonderful but if you are playing quick low frequency notes it can turn into a big rumble. So EQ at high frequencies in the 3kHz, 4kHz and 10kHz range is very important. In contrast, if a microphone naturally has these characteristics, then less EQ will need to be added. It is so much better if a microphone will naturally reproduce enough high frequencies to pick up the snap of the beater plus have the balance of the low end as well.”

“Earthworks as a company, is wonderful to work with. They are so positive and they are like sunshine in the industry. When I talk with representatives of the company, they are all so wonderful. They treat me like they know me personally, even though I just met them. Their artist representative manager has such a glowing personality of sunshine and light who is very interested in me, in what I have done, what I am currently doing and she is very happy for us to be associated. I have had such a positive experience with the company. This all makes associations work well, and are the foundation of a great relationship from the beginning. They believe in what I do and now they have seen my videos and now believe in me even more. I am very excited and enthusiastic about our association together. I’m so proud to represent Earthworks because I love the products and I believe in them. I love what I am getting back from these microphones and what I am able to translate to people through them. These mics are my translators, my voice of reason. I would like to reach the rest of the world and let them know about Earthworks drum microphones.”