Earthworks Now Shipping IMDL1 Directional Boundary Microphone

Earthworks Now Shipping IMDL1 Directional Boundary Microphone 2019-03-13T15:06:42+00:00

Milford, NH – The Earthworks IMDL1 directional boundary microphones designed for permanent installation are now shipping. Featuring revolutionary audio and mechanical design innovations, the phantom-powered IMDL1 offers exceptional speech intelligibility and unobtrusive appearance for table installations.

The IMDL1 comes in a black or stainless steel finish and features the LumiComm Touch Ring, which consists of a dual-color LED light ring and a touch sensor output, providing integrators complete freedom to assign function and LED color with a media control system.

The IMDL1 features RF shielding to prevent interference from cell phones and other electronic devices.

Measuring just under 1.6 inches (40.5mm) in diameter and 0.7 inches (17.78mm) tall when installed, the IMDL1 provides a low-profile appearance.

The IMDL1 features a 20Hz to 30kHz frequency response optimized for speech. Coupled with a cardioid polar pattern, which features a near-perfect frequency response at 0, 45 and 90 degrees, the IMDL1 microphones deliver unparalleled clarity and intelligibility for fixed installations.

The IMB & IMBL Boundary Microphones have a max acoustic input of 145dB SPL and sensitivity of 10mV/Pa. The combination of its near-perfect polar response and high sensitivity allow an integrator to install fewer IMDL1 microphones and cover the room with exceptional clarity at all frequencies.