Earthworks’ FlexWand Nominated for TEC Award

Earthworks’ FlexWand Nominated for TEC Award 2017-06-06T19:31:46+00:00

Announcement by Mix Foundation Marks 10th Time Earthworks has Been Nominated for One of Audio Industry’s Most Coveted Awards

Milford, NH, August 18, 2009 – Earthworks, the High Definition Microphone™ manufacturer, announced that its revolutionary new FlexWand™ High Definition Microphone™ has been nominated for the Mix Foundation’s 25th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, to be held this October at the 127th AES Convention in New York City.

This announcement by The Mix Foundation earlier this month marks the tenth time an Earthworks product has been nominated for a TEC Award.

The FlexWand™ made its debut earlier this year following the highly successful introduction of the PianoMic™ System, which won the TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Microphone/Recording Technology category last year. The TEC Awards were founded by the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio, to recognize outstanding achievement in audio production and product innovation.

Heidi Blackmer Robichaud, president of Earthworks, commented: “We are pleased the Mix Foundation found the FlexWand™ worthy of consideration for a TEC Award and are especially grateful that the industry recognizes the innovation that Earthworks has brought to the professional audio industry since our company’s inception. Our FlexWand™ solution is both sonically superior and aesthetically attractive, making it ideal for a range of applications and installations.”

The FlexWand™ boasts a sleek, low profile design with no visible wires above floor level. The flex mid-section and mini gooseneck on the wand allow the mic to be easily positioned between 1.5 ft. to 7 ft. above floor level.

Consisting of a fully integrated small diaphragm condenser microphone stand and boom, the FlexWand™ was originally designed for choral miking applications but is also capable of delivering outstanding results on a variety of other sources such as acoustic instruments, drums and podium applications. Its microphone capsule has a frequency response of 30Hz to 30kHz, can handle up to 145 dB SPL (comparable in performance to an Earthworks SR30), and is available in both cardioid and hypercardioid patterns.

About Earthworks

Earthworks is a New Hampshire, U.S.A. based company that is dedicated to quality and sonic excellence. Each Earthworks product is hand made with great care, meticulous attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality. Earthworks prides itself in making only the very best in professional audio equipment and it is all made right here in the USA.