CenturyLink Turns to Earthworks Microphones for Conference Room Upgrade

CenturyLink Turns to Earthworks Microphones for Conference Room Upgrade 2017-06-26T15:38:46+00:00

Frederick, Maryland-based Audiovisual Systems Integrator Audio-Video Group Selects Earthworks IML3-B for Premium Audio Video Conferencing Installation

Milford, NH – When CenturyLink was looking to upgrade their executive conference room at their Arlington, VA office’s Government Contracting Division, they turned to Audio-Video Group to design and install the system.

CenturyLink Executive Conference Room. Photo Credit: Stephen Bon

Reliability, quality and exceptional clarity were key requirements in the system redesign, which was replacing table mounted button microphones.

With those client requirements at hand, Stephen Bon, Sales Development Engineer at Audio-Video Group, selected the Earthworks IML3-B microphone for the install. “We have used the Earthworks ChoirMics, FlexMic podium mics and PianoMics in a number of our church sound system designs. Based on our experience in using Earthworks microphones, there was no question that I would use Earthworks microphones in this installation. We needed the best microphones for the job and we knew it had to be the Earthworks microphones.”

CenturyLink has several conference rooms in their Arlington, VA facility, which can be combined and can send audio feeds to and from the different rooms. The Earthworks IML3-B microphones were installed in the executive conference room, which is where a large portion of their audio conference calls are made from. In this room, there is a horseshoe shaped conference table with 6 Earthworks IML3-B microphones on both sides, as well as 2 IML3-B microphones at the end of the table, for total of 14 microphones.

Bon selected the IML Series microphones, which feature the LumiComm Touch, Ring for the installation, allowing him to program the microphones with an AMX control system. “The bi-color light rings on the IML3-B microphones are tied into an AMX control system that is designed to mute the microphones. When all of the mics are muted, the color of the light ring will change—green for ‘on’ and red for ‘mute’.”

“The Earthworks IML microphones have provided us excellent fidelity of the audio pickup that is extremely consistent, both on and off-axis, which allows them to overlap and blend well together,” says Bon.

The IML3-B provided substantial improvements over other microphones Bon had previously used for audio-visual conferencing. “In previous systems designs, we have used other brands of microphones, which typically sound like you are using a speakerphone,” explains Bon. “But with this new system, even in the remote rooms, it sounds like that person is right there in the room with them. When you hear a call from the CenturyLink system using the Earthworks microphones, it is hands down the best sounding system of this type I have ever heard.”

Bon found the polar response of the IML3-B microphones to be a great advantage over the button microphones they replaced. “One of the benefits of the Earthworks IML series microphones is having a gooseneck that provides a lot more directionality of the audio pickup. In addition, the IML microphone’s polar response was smooth and consistent. The microphones are spaced evenly (about 3 feet apart), so if I were to sit at any seat, or even in between the seats, the pickup of the microphones is seamless, and you never go into a lull, as they blend so well together.”

“These microphones also dramatically reduced ancillary table noise (i.e. tapping of fingers, rustling of papers and moving things around on the table). CenturyLink wanted a strong emphasis on quality, reliability and exceptional clarity in this system redesign. So, I chose the Earthworks microphones because of their outstanding clarity and polar response. I coupled the Earthworks microphones with the Biamp Tesira Forte audio processing, which resulted in the best audio conferencing system I have ever designed.”

Beyond improved sound quality, Bon also notes ease of installation as a major benefit of the IML3-B. “The installation of the IML microphones was clean and easy,” explains Bon. “Just drill a hole, slide the microphone in and screw it together. The IML series control function works seamlessly with the AMX. These microphones have an excellent build quality, excellent pickup, and a bi-color LED touch sensitive function, which all in all adds up to a great microphone. ”

Bon offered his final thoughts on the quality of Earthworks microphones that he his colleagues at Audio-Video Group share. “We as a company know that if we demonstrate an Earthworks microphone, we will sell it, every single time. We have never demonstrated an Earthworks microphone and not sold it. So, the quality speaks for itself.”