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The Ultimate in Freedom of Movement

When capturing every word is critical but the microphone has the flexibility to be mobile, the Earthworks TableComm™ microphones are the most reliable miking solution. Optimized for speech, these microphones feature a flat frequency response out to 30kHz that delivers the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation. This means less straining to understand the words being spoken due to poor audio quality, so more time can be spent understanding the message being transmitted.

Near-perfect polar pattern means fewer microphones with better coverage

Designed for temporary tabletop placement or permanent installation

Easily integrates into existing system designs or new installations

Sleek, low profile design blends in perfectly with any space

Greater Intelligibility

With an extended high frequency response to 30kHz and near-perfect polar response, the CTB and CTF microphones provide ultra high speech intelligibility and incredible coverage. In addition, the extremely fast diaphragm settling time allows more subtle details and nuances of the human voice to be reproduced, which adds to the amazing clarity and intelligibility of these microphones at various distances from the microphone.

This wider coverage also means that fewer Earthworks microphones are required to properly cover a conference room, cutting down on the number of channels of DSP, cables and other ancillary equipment required for the system. Compatible with all DSP systems that provide 24-48V phantom power, the TableComm™ microphones can easily integrate into existing system designs or new installations.

Flexible Design

The low profile base can be permanently affixed to a surface or temporarily placed on a tabletop, making it ideal for ad hoc meeting spaces or boardroom tables that you wish not to drill into.

The microphone incorporates a unique filter that minimizes HVAC noise, table thumping and paper shuffling, which can disrupt the sound.

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