30kHz Hypercardioid Gooseneck Instrument Microphone


Features a flexible, gooseneck capsule for easy microphone positioning and placement

  • 150Hz – 30kHz flat frequency response

  • Mini-gooseneck allows quick and easy positioning

From $669

The Periscope Microphones will provide you with astounding audio quality. Its uniquely designed small head and flexible neck will allow you to get into difficult places such as under the strings of an acoustic string bass. The Periscope design also offers more flexibility and ease of use for standard microphone applications. Imagine repositioning your microphone without having to move the stand or mic boom. The Periscope’s body can be pointed straight up and its microphone head can be pointed straight down in any direction. It is the ultimate in sound quality and flexibility and is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  • 30kHz flat frequency response
  • Easily mic guitars and other instruments, then re-position the microphone without moving the stand or boom
  • Uniform frequency response on or off-axis
  • More gain before feedback
  • Picks up almost no sound from the rear of the microphone
  • Near perfect polar response allows them to be placed closer to a choir with no spotlighting
  • Mini-gooseneck allows quick and easy positioning
  • Can be used for stringed, woodwind and percussion instruments
  • Available in black and white

Frequency Response: 100Hz to 30kHz

Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid

Sensitivity: 20mV/Pa (-34dBV/Pa)

Power Requirements: 24-48V Phantom, 10mA

Max Acoustic Input: 139dB SPL

Output: XLR (pin 2+)

Output Impedance: 65Ω balanced (between pins 2 & 3)

Min Output Load: 600Ω between pins 2 & 3

Noise: 16dB SPL equivalent (A weighted)

Dimensions L x D: 275mm x 22mm (10.75 x .860 inches)

Weight: .22 lb. (100g)

P30/HC-W 30 kHz hypercardioid flexible gooseneck mic in white

P30/HC-Wmp 30 kHz hypercardioid flexible gooseneck mic in white – matched pair

P30/HC-B 30 kHz hypercardioid flexible gooseneck mic in black

P30/HC-Bmp 30 kHz hypercardioid flexible gooseneck mic in black – matched pair

  • Acoustic String Instruments
  • Bass Amp
  • Brass/Woodwinds
  • Choir
  • Guitar Amp
  • Piano
  • Recording
  • MC1 Microphone Clip
  • PW1 Foam Windscreen

For those times when Branford happens to be right on the microphone, the P30/C can definitely handle the SPL. Branford also likes the P30/C’s low profile on stage.

Front of House Engineer

With the tight pattern and full range sound of the P30/C, I’m able to get a lot of clean guitar sound with very little bleed from other stage or crowd noise. 

Brian Speiser, Front of House Engineer