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23kHz Reference Measurement Microphone
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50kHz Measurement Microphone
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30kHz Measurement Microphone
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23kHz Measurement Microphone
From $499

Where Accuracy Meets Performance

Accuracy, consistency, and reliability have made Earthworks measurement microphones the first choice of live sound professionals, acousticians, and researchers all over the world for nearly twenty years. Used on countless full-scale concert tours, as well as in scientific research laboratories, tropical rainforests, and rocket testing facilities, the M Series microphones have proven to be lab-grade audio instruments that can handle any environment.


Near-perfect omnidirectional polar pattern

Hand-tuned and tested ruler flat frequency response

Temperature-compensated electronics for repeatable results you can trust

Electronic calibration file generated for each microphone

Available in matched pairs and larger sets

Unparalleled Performance

With an audio performance that is unparalleled, Earthworks Measurement Series microphones have an extended flat frequency response, an exceptionally uniform omnidirectional polar response, high SPL rating without distortion, and have no handling noise.

Industry Standard

Extremely quick impulse response and linear phase response make Earthworks M Series microphones especially well-suited for use with high-quality FFT-based real-time audio system measurement software like SMAART™, SIM™, REW™, Electroacoustics Toolbox™, FuzzMeasure™ and others, as well as for use in PA system alignment and loudspeaker design.