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FM360, FM500, FMR500, FMR600 & FMR720

Gooseneck Podium Microphones
From $559

Always Covered

Whether it is a seasoned professional or a public speaking novice stepping up to the microphone, the FlexMic™ has you covered. Optimized for speech, the FlexMic™ microphones feature a flat frequency response out to 20kHz and excellent phase response that delivers the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation.


Ultra high intelligibility

More gain before feedback

32dB of rear rejection

Complete coverage up to 90° off axis

Freedom of Movement

The near-perfect polar response of the FlexMics provides incredible coverage and freedom of movement for the speaker. Whether speaking above, below or to either side of the microphone, every word will be reproduced with incredible clarity and intelligibility up to 90 degrees off-axis.

Form Follows Function

The FlexMic™ microphones feature a slim yet sturdy 7mm gooseneck that stays put when adjusted, while providing low profile sightlines. Its gooseneck utilizes the latest in flex materials to virtually eliminate handling and movement noise.