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Hanging gooseneck microphone with 30′ (9m) cable
From $759

The Ultimate Problem Solver

Choir microphones have always presented a unique design and installation challenge – the traditional solution is to use an angle guide on the microphone’s lead to aim towards the performance venue. The problem with this approach is that either a very minimal microphone had to be used to keep aimable weight within practical limits – or locate the microphone’s electronics at some considerable distance from the element – inviting losses, noise, etc. Earthwork Audio’s ChoirMics overcome these issues by locating the element on a short flexible extension from the microphone’s body – resulting in excellent response and extremely low noise – while retaining the ability to aim the element at the precise point desired.

Cable resists twisting, so microphone will stay put

Ultra high intelligibility

Wide coverage area

Ideal for miking choirs and other venues with high ceilings

Less Is More

With its wide pickup pattern at all frequencies, you can easily cover large groups with just a few microphones. The C30 will reproduce the sound of the choir with incredible articulation and no spotlighting, so no one voice outshines the rest. Instead, the choir will sound like a unified voice. With over 30dB of rear rejection, the C30 has more gain before feedback while picking up almost no sound from the rear of the microphone.

Form Follows Function

The C30 features a small microphone head attached to a flexible mini gooseneck, which allows quick and precise positioning of the microphone. The 30’ (9m) attached Canare® Star Quad cable resists twisting due to temperature and humidity changes, so you can rest assured that the microphone will stay put once it has been properly aimed. Measuring just .86 inches (22mm) in diameter at its largest point, the C30 practically disappears from view when installed, providing a low profile miking solution.