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3-Microphone DrumKit™
From $


Bass Drum Microphone
From $


Hypercardioid Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
From $669

DK7 Drum Kit System

7-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999

FW430/HC FlexWand™

Integrated Hypercardioid Mic, Stand & Boom
From $1259

DM20 DrumMic™

Tom & Snare Microphone
From $419


Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone
From $999


Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone
From $869


Cardioid Instrument Microphone
From $999


Cardioid Instrument Microphone
From $869


Cardioid Instrument Microphone for Drums & Loud Sources
From $619


Instrument & Vocal Microphone
From $599


30kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $769


25kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $549


20kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $479


50kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $1399


40kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $999


30kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $799

PM40T PianoMic™

Touring Piano Microphone System
From $3199

PM40 PianoMic™

Piano Microphone System
From $2999


Premium 3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1699


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1599


5-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $2099


4-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $1699


Cardioid Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
From $669

FW430 FlexWand™

Integrated Cardioid Mic, Stand & Boom
From $1259

Instrument Microphones

It is time to discover what your instrument truly sounds like. With an extended flat frequency response, near-perfect polar pattern, ultra-fast transient response and time coherency, these microphones will reveal subtle nuances that you haven’t heard before. Whether you are miking a grand piano in a concert hall or tracking vocals in a home studio, Earthworks microphones always deliver an unmatched transparently accurate and rich sound.

Expand Your Sound

It all starts with a hand-tuned capsule and finishes with a solid state discrete Class A circuit that delivers the unparalleled performance of Earthworks microphones. Extended, ruler-flat frequency responses reveals even more detail in your recordings. Fast diaphragm settling time means the microphone can easily reproduce the sharp attacks and tonal characteristics of the most transient rich instruments, like drums, acoustic guitar, strings and more. High SPL handling lets you record loud instruments without the worry of distortion. Expand your recordings with truly high definition sound.

Signature Sound

Propel your sound to new sonic heights. Instead of imparting a character of its own to your instrument, Earthworks microphones let it shine with the truest and most nuanced capture. Preserve the tonal qualities of both your space and the instrument, so you get a sound that is truly you. Capture guitar amps, drums, piano, brass, horns, strings and more with clarity and precision.

Anatomy of an Earthworks

Precision engineered and hand-tuned in the USA, each Earthworks microphone carries with it our philosophy of innovative, problem solving design and a steadfast commitment to premium sound and performance. Each microphone was born out of a need for a better way to mic your instrument. From the revolutionary PianoMic™ that massively simplifies piano miking to the DM20 DrumMic™ that can take a stray stick hit on toms. Reimagine the world of instrument miking with a purpose built model or a one size fits all microphone.


  • High gain before feedback

  • Exceptional sonic accuracy

  • Ultra-fast transient response

  • High SPL handling

  • Ideal for studio and stage