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Collaboration Doesn't Get Any Closer Than This Microphones for Meetings and Conferences

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Directional Boundary Microphone
From $

FM360HD, FM500HD, FMR500HD, FMR600HD & FMR720HD

HD Gooseneck Podium Microphones
From $659

IMBL30 & IMB30

Boundary Microphones
From $769

IML3, IML6, IML10 & IML12

Gooseneck Installation Microphones with LED Touch Ring
From $899

FM360, FM500, FMR500, FMR600 & FMR720

Gooseneck Podium Microphones
From $559

IM3, IM6, IM10 & IM12

Gooseneck Installation Microphones
From $659


Hanging gooseneck microphone with 30′ (9m) cable
From $759

Installed Sound Microphones

When capturing every word is critical, Earthworks is the most reliable microphone solution. Optimized for speech, Earthworks microphones feature a flat frequency response that delivers the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation–enhancing communication and collaboration. This means less straining to understand the words being spoken causing listener fatigue, so more time can be spent focusing on the communication itself.

Less Is More

When coverage is key but space or budget are limited, Earthworks microphones deliver. Whether speaking directly on-axis or to the sides of the microphone, they always reproduce the speaker’s voice with incredible clarity and intelligibility. And with coverage up to 90 degrees off-axis, one microphone can cover far more than just one speaker. This also means that fewer Earthworks microphones are required to properly cover a conference room, cutting down on the number of channels of DSP, cables and other ancillary equipment required for the system.

Heard But Not Seen

Let the focus stay on the message and not on the microphone. Designed with aesthetics in mind, Earthworks microphones deliver a low profile miking option for conferencing, boardrooms, universities, government and other institutions. With a variety of options ranging from form factor, finish, functionality and desired coverage, these microphones will seamlessly blend into any room design. At last, technology that gets out of the way of your interaction.

Freedom of Movement

You want your message to move your audience, and your microphone should follow. With their near-perfect polar response, speakers now have incredible coverage and freedom of movement without having to wear a headset of lavalier. Whether speaking above, below or to either side of the microphone, every word will be reproduced with incredible clarity and intelligibility, fostering better communication.


  • Reliable performance
  • Greater coverage with fewer microphones
  • Less listener fatigue due to poor audio quality
  • Simple integration
  • Variety of finishes and options