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Elevate Your Message Microphones for Worship

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Wireless Vocal Capsule
From $


3-Microphone DrumKit™
From $

SV33 Studio Bundle

Studio Vocal Microphone Bundle
From $


Premium Handheld Vocal Microphone
From $


Bass Drum Microphone
From $


Studio Vocal Microphone
From $


Hypercardioid Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
From $669

DK7 Drum Kit System

7-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999

FW430/HC FlexWand™

Integrated Hypercardioid Mic, Stand & Boom
From $1259

FW730/HC FlexWand™

Hypercardioid Choir Microphone
From $1329

DM20 DrumMic™

Tom & Snare Microphone
From $419


Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone
From $999


Hypercardioid Instrument Microphone
From $869


Premium Handheld Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule
From $799


Handheld Vocal Microphone
From $999


Cardioid Instrument Microphone
From $999


Cardioid Instrument Microphone
From $869


Cardioid Instrument Microphone for Drums & Loud Sources
From $619


Instrument & Vocal Microphone
From $599


30kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $769


25kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $549


20kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $479


50kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $1399


40kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $999


30kHz Omni Recording Microphone
From $799

PM40T PianoMic™

Touring Piano Microphone System
From $3199

PM40 PianoMic™

Piano Microphone System
From $2999


Premium 3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1699


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1599


5-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $2099


4-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $1699


Cardioid Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
From $669

FW730 FlexWand™

Cardioid Choir Microphone
From $1329

FW430 FlexWand™

Integrated Cardioid Mic, Stand & Boom
From $1259


Hanging gooseneck microphone with 30′ (9m) cable
From $759

House of Worship Microphones

Whether you’re in the first pew, last row or live streaming Sunday’s service, being clearly heard and understood by the congregation is key. Optimized for premium performance and the utmost levels of clarity and detail, Earthworks microphones help to enhance the delivery of your message, not hinder it. From miking the pastor to a full band and everything in between, Earthworks has a microphone solution that reproduces every source with detail and solves a number of miking problems along the way, elevating your sermon.

Raise Your Voice

Whether miking a 100-person choir, a lead vocalist or a pastor delivering a sermon, intelligibility is key. Our microphones for vocals are incredibly forgiving in terms of placement, so you can rest assured that the message will be heard loud and clear no matter who steps up. With incredibly accurate coverage up to 90° off-axis, speakers and singers can move freely in front of the microphone without losing volume or articulation. And with -32B of rear rejection, you will get both ultra-high gain before feedback and incredible rear rejection of monitors, the congregation or other instruments onstage, keeping the focus on the message.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes simple is best. Whether it is an experienced engineer or a volunteer at the sound board, the microphones do the work for you. With ultra-high articulation, you can rest assured the pastor and vocalists message will always come through. Wider coverage area means you can use fewer microphones to reproduce a choir or instrument, reducing the number of channels to mix. Rejecting sounds off-axis is where Earthworks cardioids excel, and this helps keep unwanted noises from being picked up and reproduced by the microphone. And you will always get an incredibly natural sound, whether it’s drums, piano, singers or the pastor in front of the microphone.

A Solution for Every Sound

Precision engineered and hand-tuned in the USA, each Earthworks microphone carries with it our philosophy of innovative, problem solving design and a steadfast commitment to premium sound and performance. Options range from specialty models engineered with one application in mind, to Swiss army knife models that can seamlessly transition from vocals to acoustic guitar without missing a beat. Whether miking a lectern, drum set, vocalist, choir, pianist, or guitarist, Earthworks has the solution.


  • Ultra-high intelligibility
  • Wide coverage area captures more
  • High rejection of off-axis sounds
  • High gain before feedback
  • Incredibly natural sound