Home Recording: Room 121 with Will Kindler

What happens when you take just two SR20 microphones home with you to record a song in a spare bedroom?

That’s what we did with Earthworks’ Scott Lumsden and local New Hampshire artist Will Kindler for his song Room 121. In just one evening, Scott and Will got together with just a pair of Earthworks SR20 microphones and tracked vocals, drums, bass, and guitar amp.

“If a singer-songwriter had two of these microphones, they would be unstoppable,” says Lumsden. “You could record absolutely everything in stereo. You could use these on your voice. You could use them on drums. You could use them on drums. You could use them on everything. And they would actually be the right mic for the use. You’d actually want to use that microphone. And then when you go and play a gig you can use the same mics.”

Check out Room 121 below to see what Scott and Will were able to with just two SR20s.