The FlexWand Finds a Place in Matty Amendola’s Studio

NYC based Producer, Songwriter & Musician Matty Amendola talks about the ultra-versatile FW730 FlexWand and where it has found a space in his studio.

With smaller studios like Matty’s, having a microphone that is low profile and doesn’t take up much space is a major plus. The integrated stand, boom and mic let him eloimiate a mic stand, which takes up a lot of space. ” We wan to keep it neat. We want to keep our clients comfortable.”

With these tighter spaces, Matty likes to keep one FW730 ready to go in the corner behind his drum set for miking hi-hat. “I am ready to go with a great hi-hat sound in pretty much which was 1.5 seconds.”

If the artist wants to throw in another instrument like a shaker, acoustic guitar or tambourine, Matty doesn’t want to slow the process down.¬†On the other side of the room, Matty keeps a second FW730 that he can quickly deploy. And much like the hi-hat placement, getting his second FW730 set up on an acoustic guitar is just as fast.

Next up, Matty repositions the FW730 on a guitar cabinet in conjunction with a ribbon through a Solid State Logic Alpha preamp. First you will hear just the FW730 clean through the SSL Alpha. Then Matty blends it with a Ribbon UA-710.

“They track as faithful as it gets. I think that’s a huge testament to what Earthworks does, what they deliver, and what they’re all about.”

Check out the video below to see how Matty likes to use the FlexWand in his studio.