Which Drum Mics Are Used On Every Single Drumeo Video?

Every single world-class drummer that films a Drumeo video for YouTube or a Drumeo tutorial uses drum mics from Earthworks Audio. That’s why the channel sounds so present and why each session sounds so life-like. No other drum mics capture transients the same way. 

With over 2 million YouTube subscribers and nearly a half-billion views, Drumeo has become the destination for every aspiring drummer. Users can get lessons with many of the top drummers working today, including Jonathan Moffett — the famous drummer for Michael Jackson, Aaron Spears — who consistently delivers the goods for Ariana Grande, and Kaz Rodriguez — who’s currently touring with Josh Groban.

Is it any wonder that these legendary drummers use Earthworks drum mics on tour and in the studio separately from the sessions they’ve recorded for Drumeo?

“I am sincerely blown away by the pure tone of my drums and also the isolation that these mics dedicate to each drum.” – Grammy Award-winning drummer for Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande,  Aaron Spears, on why he trusts Earthworks Audio

“The best audio translators for my drums and soul’s rhythmic figures of speech…” – Legendary drummer for Michael Jackson, Jonathan Moffett

If you follow Drumeo and if you’re actively taking Drumeo lessons to improve your own drumming techniques and playing, then it’s time to take your practice and performance to the next level by investing in the right tools. 

You’ve already got the right drums, the right cymbals, and the right drum coaches. All that’s left to do is to add those Drumeo mics.

When you’re ready to have your own videos to have that Drumeo look and feel and sound, start off by adding a matched pair of SR25 overhead drum microphones to your rig and when you want even more power and heft in your sound, add the DM20s to your toms and snare.

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