Will The ETHOS Work With Your Zoom F3?

The Zoom F3 is a respected field recorder, and the ETHOS will work beautifully with it — but there’s one thing you should know beforehand…

Photo by: Isabelle Smith

The ETHOS XLR streaming microphone is the only mic that should be on camera with you. It allows you to look and sound your best on camera, regardless of your additional audio gear. And it will sound excellent with any interface on the market, including the Zoom F3 field recorder.

The ETHOS has a minimum impedance requirement of 600 ohms, ensuring smooth audio performance without impedance-related issues. In contrast, the F3 boasts an input impedance well beyond the ETHOS at 3000 ohms.

This means that the ETHOS will have no issues related to impedance when used with the Zoom F3.

Regarding phantom power, the Zoom F3 is capable of supplying the necessary 48 volts of phantom power to an ETHOS.

However, if more than one ETHOS (or more than one condenser microphone) is used with the Zoom F3, that will likely pose issues. The Zoom’s F3 phantom power supply will be split between the multiple mics, which may result in a weak or noisy sound from the ETHOS.

In these situations, you would need an external phantom power supply to ensure optimal performance with the ETHOS.

If you have any other questions about the ETHOS and Zoom F3, or questions about your preferred audio interface working with the ETHOS, please feel free to contact us via email or the chat widget on the bottom right of any page on our website.

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