Earthworks Audio Drum Mics Power PASIC 2022

Milford, NH 11/7/2022  – On November 9th, Earthworks Audio, the Percussive Arts Society, and Sweetwater Sound will ensure that attendees and online viewers experience the most impactful PASIC performances by reinforcing each drum kit with a DK7 drum mic package. Due to the speed of the Earthworks microphones and how they perfectly capture transients, audiences will hear and feel every subtle detail of Omar Hakim, Robert “Sput” Searight, and Keith Carlock sets and tutorials. 

The Earthworks DK7 drum mic kit was a natural choice for the PASIC performances. It is the go-to drum package in studios such as Larrabee Sound Studios and Miraval Studios and it can be heard on top stages around the world.  The DK7 has become a touring staple for artists such as Santana, Olivia Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus, Karol G, and BLACKPINK.  

Each DK7 drum mic kit includes 4 DM20’s for miking toms and snare, 1 SR20LS for the kick drum, and a matched pair of SR25 overhead mics. Each microphone is constructed from rugged stainless steel.

In addition to providing live sound reinforcement for every PASIC artist and performance, one lucky attendee will win a DK7 drum mic package —courtesy of Sweetwater Sound — signed by many of the convention’s performers. 

“This is the least we can do for the drumming community,” says Earthworks’ VP of Sales & Marketing, Mike Dias. “PASIC is and has always been a phenomenal event dedicated to showcasing the best in drumming talent and equipment. And with the support of our friends at Sweetwater, we’ll be able to provide one attendee with the same sound they’re experiencing at the convention. It’s truly the ultimate win-win.”