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Inspire Movement Microphones for Drums

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3-Microphone DrumKit™
From $


Bass Drum Microphone
From $

DK7 Drum Kit System

7-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999

DM20 DrumMic™

Tom & Snare Microphone
From $419


Cardioid Instrument Microphone for Drums & Loud Sources
From $619


Premium 3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $2999


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1699


3-Microphone Kit for Drums
From $1599


5-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $2099


4-Microphone Kit for Toms & Snare
From $1699

Drum Microphones

Precision engineered to bring your performance to life when you sit down at the throne, Earthworks microphones are the top choice for the most discerning drummers. Each model is specifically designed to reproduce each unique drum set with unparalleled accuracy and gripping realism. Combining high gain before feedback, through the roof SPL ratings, and lighting speed to handle fast transients with ease, these microphones will redefine how you think about miking drums.

Massive Headroom

If it can handle a jet engine, these microphones can handle any drummer. With high SPL ratings, even the loudest drummer can’t overload these mics.

Explosive Sound

Lightning fast transients are no match for Earthworks drum mics. So incredibly fast, they settles in time to make sure every hit is brimming with detail and doesn’t leave out any of the softer dynamics that follow loud attacks.

It’s All in the Details

With an low noise floor, these microphones are whisper quiet and can easily transition from the stage to the studio. And all with the signature Earthworks sound: transparent, detailed and hauntingly true to life.


  • High gain before feedback

  • Exceptional sonic accuracy

  • Ultra-fast transient response

  • High SPL handling

  • Ideal for studio and stage