Artist Spotlight: Chyno Miranda

Artist Spotlight: Chyno Miranda

Chyno Miranda is one of the most renowned artists in the Latin music industry worldwide. He started his career as a member of the groups “Scala 1”, “Censura C” and participated on the reality show “Generación S” from Venezuelan TV station Venevisión. Later, he joined the group “Calle Ciega” in which he conquered Venezuelan’s love and respect, to then start his path as a member of the renowned duo “Chino & Nacho” for 10 years. His journey has positioned him as a top artist in the world, having earned the respect, love and admiration of many fans due to his charisma and success.

Chyno’s audio team was looking for microphones able to capture his voice accurately. Also, a mix dense with percussion. With a grueling worldwide touring schedule, they needed microphones with high articulation, a rugged build that can withstand the rigors of touring and that are easy to transport.

It was at The NAMM Show this past January that Chyno’s production manager, Carlitos Dickson, stopped by the Earthworks booth and discovered the latest solution for drums and percussion, the DM20. Impressed by the microphone’s design, it was a series of prerecorded tracks that really got Carlitos interested.

“The booth felt like a big family. Gareth Krausser (COO) and Pedro Rocha (BDM) introduced me to the company. They made me feel at home. I knew I had found the solution to Chyno’s mic problems.”

Just after NAMM, Carlitos arranged for the DK7, CMK4, WL40V and SR20 to test out the mics onstage for a series of shows in Florida, Colombia and Mexico.

At the first show, in Tampa, the band noticed the difference right at soundcheck. In Colombia, Chyno grew attached to the Earthworks WL40V, calling Carlitos with the following message for Mexico: “If anything happens to you, make sure the mics get there!”

So we sat down with Chyno to find out why he and his team chose to switch to Earthworks microphones.

What Earthworks products are you using?

WL40V, DK7 and SR20.

Favorite Earthworks product?

WL40V and SR25

What is your favorite thing about Earthworks products and their performance? How have they helped your sound?

  • Quality of sound.
  • Clean and professional look.
  • Feeling of confidence during performance. Soundchecks are more efficient.
  • Durable and easy to bring on tour.

What is your best tip for using Earthworks?

My production engineer, Carlitos Dickson, recommends:

  • Position the capsule of DM20 not too close to the drum head.
  • Leaving space allows the resonance of the shell to come through.
  • Locate the angle of max attenuation if mic’ing snare and hi-hat separately; behind the capsule, where there’s a tip (DM20), you’ll get almost no leakage.
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