Every Drumeo Video Streams & Records With Earthworks Drum Mics

Which Drum Mics Are Used On Every Single Drumeo Video? Every single world-class drummer that films a Drumeo video for YouTube or a Drumeo tutorial uses drum mics from Earthworks Audio. That's why the channel sounds so present and why each session sounds so life-like. No other drum mics capture transients the same [...]

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Modern Drummer Calls the Earthworks DK7 “Pure Drum Essence”

The Earthworks DK7 is the Ideal Multi-Mic Package for Capturing the Purest Essence of your Drum set It's one thing when top touring artists and session drummers like Aaron Spears, Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffet and Omar Hakim heap praise on our drum mics. But when Modern Drummer says that the Earthworks DK7 is [...]

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Get Your Drums to Sound Exactly Like Casey Cooper

How to Sound Like Casey Cooper & Get 2.6M Followers With over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 630 million total views, Casey Cooper has become one of the most popular and respected drumming content creators.  But how does he capture every transient of his drum kit with accuracy and [...]

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