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Technical Director, Mixed Signal Design Engineering

Job Description

The Technical Director is the technical lead with a strong background in Mixed Signal circuit design. As the Director you will be responsible for building and leading a team of engineers, designers, and technicians in order to deliver cutting edge audio products to market for a wide variety of applications. The scope of engineering at Earthworks will span the entire product life cycle, from concept to manufacture and will require a range of multi-disciplinary skills from you and our team. The Director is a technical expert in electronics who possesses a strong track record of execution as well as leading and developing others. 

Our small team and broad scope of work will benefit from an adaptable, hands-on business and technology leader; a self-starter that thrives on challenges, drives and inspires execution excellence and has a tenacity for continuous improvement.

While reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, you will also work closely with members of the leadership team defining and delivering on the vision and strategy to grow the business through technology. The ideal Director is a holistic and strategic thinker that closely collaborates with internal and external key stakeholders to define, design, develop, and maintain some of the most compelling audio products in the world.

The Work Day

You and your team are responsible for researching, designing, developing, laying out and testing high precision mixed signal electronics, electro acoustical systems, components, and modules for both prototyping and production. 

Additionally, intradepartmental activities include: supporting and upgrading existing product lines, providing coaching and guidance for production quality control, in house and field failure analysis, and vendor communications/sourcing.

Essential Functions

Precision Mixed Signal circuit design, analysis, simulation, layout and testing experience. Specifically: 

  • Working knowledge of Analog precision circuits: Low noise and Low distortion preamps, Feedback amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, RLC Filters, LDOs, Buck and Boost converters, Timers, PLLs, Crystal Oscillators etc.
  • Working knowledge of Digital circuits: Microcontrollers, digital logic, state machines, Timers.
  • Strong understanding of layout concepts in both Analog and High Speed Mixed signal designs: PCB floor planning, Power and Signal layer distributions, Transmission Line impedances, matching IO impedances, Power and Ground planes, Signal and Power Routing, Vias, Shielding, RF and ESD protection etc. 
  • Basic knowledge of Condenser & Dynamic Microphones, Preamplifiers, Speakers, Power amplifiers and other electro acoustic components. 
  • Understanding of common Analog audio interfaces including: Balanced Phantom Power and Transformer coupled Preamps, Unbalanced and High Z inputs 
  • MATLAB and C programming.
  • Data acquisition and post processing related to electro-acoustic measurements using DSP techniques including, but not limited to: FFTs, correlation, convolution, and FIR & IIR filters.
  • Ability to operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks. (Altium and Tina experience are highly desirable etc).
  • Assists production in the manufacturing and troubleshooting of existing and new products.
  • Performs detailed calculations and simulations while implementing engineering theory to achieve performance specifications and standards.
  • Designs, maintains, or improves production electrical instruments, equipment, products, or systems.
  • Documents projects and prepares technical drawings and specifications of electronics/electrical systems to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements.
  • Prepares specifications for purchases of components, materials or equipment and develops vendor and lab relationships.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Working knowledge of: ADCs, DACs, RLC Filters, LDOs, PLLs, Crystal Oscillators
  • Working knowledge of Digital circuits: DSP, Microcontrollers, digital logic, state machines, Timers.
  • High Speed Mixed signal designs: PCB floor planning, Power and Signal layer distributions,
  • Understanding of common Digital Audio interfaces and protocols: USB, I2S, SPDIF, ADAT and AVB, etc.

Education & Experience

  • An undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering or similar. An advanced degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) in a related field, or MBA is a plus.
  • 8+ years of industry experience in product development, including both individual technical contributions and leading and delegating work to others
  • 5+ years experience designing High Performance Mixed Signal Systems
  • Strong communications, collaboration and negotiation skills to effectively influence decisions at multiple levels in the organization and to orchestrate project activities in cross-functional teams.
  • Strong technical expertise in fundamental analog system design, including circuit analysis, simulation, and PCB level design
  • Familiarity with basic principles of software development, the experience of software development – particularly for embedded applications – is a plus

Additionally, the following skills would be advantageous:

  • Understanding of design for manufacture, test, cost, and reliability
  • Practical laboratory skills and experience

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