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Digital Content Strategist

Job Description

The Digital Content Strategist will play an integral role in all of the consumable media that Earthworks publishes in order to drive the conversation. Responsibilities will range from digital content creation to creating and managing direct email campaigns to the various Earthworks stakeholder segmented groups. This position must be able to organize & modify existing assets as well as create or oversee the creation of new assets. Clear, concise writing is a must. Nonverbal communication skills are equally important. 

Additional responsibilities include being able to work with our top resellers to create dedicated campaigns.

Essential Functions:

  • Must be able to visually translate ideas and concepts

  • Must be able to demonstrate abstract thoughts through imagery and iconography

  • Advanced video editing skills are required

  • Advanced graphic design is essential 

  • Full fluency in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite mandatory

  • Fluency in lead generation campaigns. Previous experience in sales is highly prized but not required

  • Minimum of 3 years working with MailChimp and/or emma

  • Minimum of 5 years in a position which required copywriting

  • Copy editing is essential. Sloppy visuals or copy errors will not be tolerated

  • There must be a portfolio of published work that can be reviewed prior to any interview

  • Can Do Attitude is non-negotiable

  • Team playing, problem solving, go-getter who understands what going the extra mile means

  • Must be highly self-directed but able to take feedback and to follow brand guidelines

  • The work that you will do will be transparent and visible to all. It will be constantly reviewed and refined to better serve the customer and the company

Working Environment

Remote / Office

Physical Demand

Light but may need to serve at trade shows which demands being on your feet for 10 hour days.


This position reports to VP of Sales & Marketing

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