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Engineering Technician

Job Description

Reporting to the director of Engineering, the Engineering Technician plays a vital role in both new product development as well as existing product support. Core responsibilities revolve around laying out and testing Mixed Signal PCB electronics (Analog and Digital), electro acoustical systems, components, and modules for both prototyping and production.

Additional responsibilities include testing and revising existing product lines, knowledge based support of production quality control efforts, and assisting with in house and field failure analysis. Finally, the engineering technician also partners with the supply chain manager to develop and manage a vendor network to support R&D related sourcing efforts.

Essential Functions

  • Analog and Mixed Signal PCB layout using Altium.

    • Footprint creation

    • PCB floor planning

    • Power and Signal layer distributions

    • Transmission Line impedances

    • matching IO impedances

    • Power and Ground planes

    • Signal and Power Routing

    • Vias

    • Shielding, RF and ESD protection

  • Component acquisition

  • Assists with new product design and prototyping:

    • Building and testing Microphone prototypes.

    • Soldering of SMD/SMT components, connectors and cables.

    • Testing of prototypes

  • Assists in the design and construction of jig prototypes and pre production builds for new products.

  • Fabrication and maintenance of product testing apparatus for use in Engineering, manufacturing and trade shows.

  • Assists production when needed in the troubleshooting of new and old products and testing apparatus.

  • Documents projects

  • Prepares technical drawings and specifications of electronics/electrical systems.

Working Environment


Physical Demand

Light technical and mechanical assembly

Position Type / Hours of Work

This is a full time position. 

Preferred Education & Experience

  • Minimum of two (2) years experience in the audio industry, or Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

  • Working knowledge of Condenser/Dynamic Microphones, Preamplifiers, Speakers, Power amplifiers and other electro acoustic components.

  • Soldering Experience required – IPC certified (desirable)


Reports to the Director of Engineering

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