Artist Interview: Candice Hoyes

Vocalist and songwriter Candice Hoyes walks us through her experience using the all new Earthworks SV33 Studio Vocal microphone at His House-Innsbruck Studios in Brooklyn, NY with engineer Roman Klun tracking the session.

“It’s the way that I best express myself. I feel like it’s my most full self when I’m singing.”

Candice talks about the most essential thing for her, which is to sing form a very sincere place. “Freedom and expression are the most important things because those are the things people come to music for. They want to feel that, they want to create memories and they want to connect with other people.”

“It makes me feel comfortable and free no matter where I find myself. ”

“As a vocalist your microphone is an extension of your voice.”

Check out the video below to hear Candice’s thoughts on the new SV33.