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Composer, Drummer

“Not only am I a composer, but I’m also drummer, and I’ve used Earthworks mics on literally every drum session I’ve had in the past 10 years. The realistic detail that these microphones capture is unbeatable.”

Silas Hite is an Emmy award winning artist and composer currently living and working in Los Angeles. His scores have garnered an Emmy, a Grand Clio, a Cannes Titanium Grand Prix, a Grand Effie and Adweek’s Campaign of The Decade.

He has written memorable music for some of the biggest video games and television shows of the past ten years and contributed music to both blockbuster and independent films.  He has a large collection of unique instruments and plays many of them on his projects. He loves to play drums, guitar, bass, synths, keys, accordion, mandolin, organ and percussion instruments from around the world.

He began his career working with his uncles, Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh (Devo), at Mark’s music studio, quickly earning a position as a full-time, in-house composer. Over the span of seven very productive years, he honed the craft of creating both mainstream and mutated music. Striking out on his own in 2009, Silas has since become an in-demand freelance composer. In addition to scoring commercials, films, games and TV shows, he writes songs and creates art.  Recently his drawings were acquired by The Getty Permanent Collection and his music was in The 2014 Whitney Biennial.

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Q&A with Silas

Q: How long have you been using Earthworks products?

A: About 10 plus years!

Q: What Earthworks products are you using?

A: Currently I’m using the DK25/R Drum Kit which includes two TC25’s for overheads and a SR25 kick mic. DP 30/C for the beater side of the kick. I also use the KickPad and several other Earthworks LevelPads to help control how much signal I’ve got coming into my Neves.

Q: Favorite Earthworks product?

A: TC25 overheads. SR25 Kick Mic. With a good drummer, room and kit, those 3 three mics pretty much capture everything you need.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Earthworks products and their performance?

A: I started out my musical life as a drummer so I am very picky about my drum sounds. The Earthworks mics give me a very detailed and accurate representation of the drums and how they sound in the room. I don’t hear much coloration. I just hear a great representation of what I am trying to record. That is what I strive for in almost all my recordings. A great player/instrument/performance, captured really well.

Q: Best tip for using Earthworks?

A: I’ve got a DP30/C on the beater side of my kick drum. The bendable arm really helps me get the mic in the right spot, which can be tricky on that side of the kick drum. Having this side of the kick allows me to mix in a little more attack and beater noise to the overall kick drum sound if I so choose.

Q: Career highlights?

A: I’ve won quite a few awards, for my commercial scores in particular. I suppose those would be considered highlights. Or perhaps scoring high profile games, tv shows, films, etc. But on a personal level, having films I’ve scored play in the major art museums of our country seems more like a highlight. At least to me.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: I’m always releasing lots of different types of music. Not only my music from video games, tv shows, films, etc. but also albums. Feel free to connect with me on social media to keep up and hear my Earthworks flavored recordings.

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