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“Microphones are so often over-looked by drummers yet they are such an essential part of the presentation. Earthworks microphones present my sound with stunning clarity and precision.”

Born in London but now residing in Los Angeles, Louie Palmer has been playing the drums since the age of 5. Louie has played and recorded with some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world including Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Gary Husband, Tim Lefebvre, Mitch Forman, Charles Altura, Bob Franceschini and many more. In addition to recording in Los Angeles and touring around the world he also runs his online drum school, playbetterdrums.com.

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Q&A with Louie

Q: How long have you been using Earthworks products?

A: One year.

Q: What Earthworks products are you using?

A: I use the DM20 on all my toms AND the snare drum. I use the SR20LS with KickPad for the bass drum and SR25’s as overheads. For room mics I use a pair of TC20’s mounted 10 feet above my drums.

Q: Favorite Earthworks product?

A: DM20

Q: What is your favorite thing about Earthworks products and their performance?

A: The clarity and precision with which they present my drum sound is second to none. I don’t like microphones that sound muddy or have that pre EQ’d sound. I want the sound to be as close to what I hear in person as possible. Earthworks mics capture my sound with wonderful crispness.

Q: Best tip for using Earthworks?

A: The SR20LS is fantastic at capturing open bass drum sounds (no hole in the front head). I like to have the SR20 halfway between the middle and the edge of the head, about an inch away from the head but pointed slightly diagonally rather than directly at the head – this gives me a really warm sound.

Q: Career highlights?

A:Playing with Mike Stern and many other music heroes.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: You can hear my Earthworks mics in action at my online drum school – playbetterdrums.com

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