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“I am beyond proud to say that with Earthworks, I am using the highest quality drum microphones on the planet, period. I have used them both live and in the studio and in both settings they shine.”

Jimmy Paxson is a Los Angeles based touring and studio drummer originally from Southern New Jersey. He is the son of two Philadelphia jazz musicians, father Jim Paxson Sr. and mother Sunnie Paxson.

Since relocating to Los Angeles in 1987, Jimmy has played live and/or recorded with a long list of internationally know artists including Stevie Nicks, The Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, Alanis Morissette, Idina Menzel, Ben Harper, Ellen Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Eikichi Yazawa, Edgar Winter, Ronnie Montrose, Stanley Clarke, Rod Stewart, Joe Sample, Randy Crawford, Robben Ford, Philip Sayce, Waddy Wachtel, Keiko Matsui, Sophie B. Hawkins, Sub.bionic, Lady Antebellum, Don Henley, Steve Vai, Sheryl Crow, Roy Gaines, Rick Derringer, Ravi Coltraine, Jerry Goodman, Dave Stewart, Mike Campbell, Johnny Rivers, A Fine Frenzy, Anna Nalick, Adam Levine, Vanessa Carlton, , Lili Haydn, Annie Clark (of St. Vincent), Larkin Poe, Ladies of the Canyon, Abandon Jalopy with Brad Smith of Blind Melon, Shy Carter, Batture Boys with Tommy Malone and Ray Ganucheau, Jenni Alpert, Andra Day, Sunnie Paxson, Cagnet, Barbara Morrison, Bernard Fowler, Julian Coryell, Rachael Spector, Elizavetta, Ray-J. and Giorgia.

His organ trio “The Casualties of Jazz” (with bassist Chris Golden and Matt Rohde on B3 Hammond Organ) recorded a critically acclaimed record of Black Sabbath songs performed as organ jazz called Kind of Black (2004 Bel Aire Records, produced by J.J. Blair). Jimmy also appears on many Jingle/TV and Film recordings and is an active educator privately as well as a visiting faculty member of The Philadelphia University of The Arts and runs his own recording studio “Room 2 Recorders” out of LA.

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Shout Out from Jimmy

I want to give a shout-out to all the folks Earthworks High Definition Microphones. I was originally introduced to these mics on a session some years ago… It was a set of of only three mics over the whole kit (bass drum and two overheads). Now we all have heard a drum set miked with only 3 mics and we know how great that can sound, but what was happening here was all that plus something a little different… Somehow their three mic system also gave the impression that each component of the drum set was individually miked and it was totally 3 dimensional. Since that first impression I kept an eye on them and also was always curious about how they’d fare as live mics.

Later I saw photos and reviews stating that Earthworks were introducing a full set of drum mics that included individual tom mics etc. Not long after that I saw that guys like Steve Gadd and Keith Carlock were using them on the road so I knew they must be incredible. Then more and more I started seeing Earthworks mics popping up in photos here and there as well as their hi hat and overhead mics mixed into various microphone arrays, but I really wanted to check out the whole set of mics. So I researched further by consulting with a few of the most respected FOH guys in the industry and one after another I was given solid reviews across the board. In every regard, I felt drawn to their product. My friend Steve Hass was another… He too said only great things and sent an initial inquiry to them about my interest.

Then at a later point I was casually sharing my continuing curiosity with Earthworks with my friend Robin DiMaggio who in turn (and previously unbeknownst to me) said he had been using Earthworks Mics on both Lopez as well as the Arsenio show with zero complaints. Following this hang, Robin was not only kind in hooking me up with Earthworks Kim Hilton, but he was also insistent that my curiosity that led me to them was an indicator that they were where I belonged. He kept telling me that the relationship would be a right fit, he sent an email and stayed on my ass to follow up.

At the end of the day, I’ve been using Earthworks mics ever since. No bullshit. I am beyond proud to say that with Earthworks, I am using the highest quality drum microphones on the planet, period. I have used them both live and in the studio and in both settings they shine. And not only do they live up to the respect they have earned, they are also stealthy and slick as a mf’r ; ) They are where I wanted to be. Words can hardly convey the gratitude – it’s amazing to be working together. Massive love and thanks.

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