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“What I love about Earthworks mics and capsules is the clarity and how it captures my voice. I’m so impressed with the warmth that the mics produce but also cuts through the mix every time. Having the accessibility to change capsules that replicate the full handheld tone is truly impressive. It amplifies the true timbre of my voice. I couldn’t be happier with Earthworks mics!”

Ingrid Rosario has one of the most powerful and fascinating voices of the current Christian world. With his music he has been able to guide generations of worshipers and has impacted the hearts of many around the world.

Ingrid continues to be a great inspiration when it comes to global worship, and she also maintains her commitment and determination to perform the role that God has given her life. Whether through new songs, discipling other worship leaders or simply as Seth’s mom and Anthony’s wife, Ingrid has become one of the most defined artists of this generation.

At the age of 15 he discovered his passion for being in the presence of God. Shortly after having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, he discovered a special gift that his Father gave him, that is, his voice. She was actively involved in the local church, and a career in Health Education and Physical Therapy was formed at Liberty University. In the course of those years, God began to reveal to Ingrid that His plans were bigger than hers. After several missionary trips, specifically after one to India, Ingrid was more committed than ever to share God’s love, grace and hope. She was willing to go wherever God sent her, although she never imagined that it would be a specific scenario or framework.

From 1997 to 1998, during her last year at Liberty University, Ingrid met the Integrity Music ministry and recorded the album “Majesty” with Ron Kenoly. Since then they started to open doors, invited her to participate in the Women of Faith group and sing as a soloist with Benny Hinn’s ministry. Then in 1999, Ingrid recorded one of the first praise and worship albums recorded by a woman in Spanish, titled “Sing To The Lord,” and in 2001 she recorded another, “Faith.”

Today, after 15 years, Ingrid has recorded and produced several other albums, three of which have been nominated for the GMA Dove Awards, and her fifth album “Cuan Gran Amor” was nominated for the Latin Grammys as “El Gran”. best album of the year. “

In April 2013, Ingrid released her sixth album “Pasión”. This album offers us a much more intimate experience which captures the heart of every worshiper and returns it to the place of origin of all, the cross. From sublime expressions to candid ballads, Ingrid raises her voice in adoration to God with a totally renewed passion.

It was never the fame that Ingrid sought, it was the presence of God. After more than 25 years of ministry, Ingrid continues to yearn to show that light that the world needs in order to experience the true grace and hope that is only found in Jesus.

Currently, Ingrid holds the position of worship leader in Spanish at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastors Danilo and Gloriana Montero

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Jose Lopez, FOH Engineer

“I absolutely love these mics. After just a few gigs with Ingrid’s Rosario ministries, these quickly became my favorite mic for her voice. I couldn’t be happier. Earthworks mics sound quality is superb without adding color with great response and clarity. Hard to go back to other mics I’ve used in the past after having the pleasure of working with these. Solid, and durably designed.”

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