Earthworks Artist Endorsement Program

Thank you for your interest in the Earthworks Artist Endorsement Program.

We receive endorsement requests daily and find that in many cases the applicants do not really understand why we choose to endorse an artist. Before you complete the application, we would like to help walk you through the philosophy behind our endorsement program.

Endorsement means that an artist fully commits to Earthworks microphones and preamplifiers. In other words, Earthworks has been chosen by the artist because they are the best products to capture the artists true sound and that the artist will want Earthworks products to be used in as many applications as possible. From a business standpoint, we endorse an artist because he/she is popular enough to influence many consumers to consider purchasing Earthworks for their own use.

What are the benefits?

  • The artist receives professional recording equipment that they believe is the best for capturing their true sound.
  • The manufacturer receives more sales due to the amount of exposure from the artists using the products in studio and/or live performances.

Here are some of the considerations for most endorsements:

  • High volume music sales
  • Television, Studio, Movie and Video credits
  • Participation in live touring with high visibility
  • Significant teaching credentials
  • High volume of hits on Social Media Sites
  • Other endorsements with high end gear
  • Current Earthworks roster and company needs

Ready to apply?

If you feel you meet the criteria, please complete our Endorsement Application Form. All requests are reviewed, however we are unable to respond to everyone. If we feel you are a good fit for the Earthworks Artist Endorsement Program, we will contact you with more information.

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