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“Buckle up and get ready to be amazed by the sound.”

Considered by many to be one of the most passionate yet humble musicians of today, Aaron Spears is now the subject of major attention on the world music circuit. His style is one born from those that inspired him, the likes of Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Vinie Colaiuta, Marvin McQuitty and Gerald Heyward amongst others. Aaron is the quintessential drummer, and his “in the pocket” style of playing mixed with his explosive creativity and authentic delivery is unparalleled in the world of drummers today.

Aaron is also a Grammy Nominated Music Producer, being nominated in 2004 for his work on the USHER album “Confessions”. Aaron’s long list of touring and recording credits include: Gideon Band, Chrisette Michelle, Chamilionaire, David Cook, Joanne Rosario, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Jordin Sparks, Chaka Khan, Adam Lambert, Israel Houghton, Mary Mary, The Backstreet Boys, Miley Cyrus, Tiziano Ferro, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and most recently Ariana Grande.

As of late, Aaron has taken his talents to the television production stage. You may have caught him as the house drummer on the pilot episode of NBC’s Songland that debuted in 2019. Aaron also served as the music coordinator and drummer for season 3 of Fox’s hit TV show, The Masked Singer. In between touring and his responsibilities behind the kit for these major productions, Aaron finds joy traveling the world sharing his gift of music performing drum workshops, clinics, drum camps and masterclasses.

Aaron endorses Sonor Drums, Zildjian Cymbals & Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Yamaha Electronics, Clear Tune Monitors, DrumDots, and Earthworks Microphones.

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Q&A with Aaron

Q: How long have you been using Earthworks products?

A:I have used Earthworks since 12/2018

Q: What Earthworks products are you using?

A: DK7, DM20 – Toms & Snare, SR20LS – Snare Bottom & Kick(with KP1), QTC40 – Overheads

Q: Favorite Earthworks product?

A: DM20…I have been doing this for a long time and I am not easily impressed but I have to say that I am sincerely blown away by the pure tone of my drums and also the isolation that each mic dedicates to each drum…

Q: What is your favorite thing about Earthworks products and their performance?

A: Clarity! The sound that the mics bring to my kit are like no others that I have experienced. With Earthworks my drums are in the most pure and organic state. Not over processed and I love it!!

Q: Best tip for using Earthworks?

A: Buckle up and get ready to be amazed by the sound. They give you the absolute true value and tone of your kit.

Q: Career highlights?

A: I have been extremely blessed to have done some really incredible things career wise but they pale in comparison to spending time with my wife and son. Best thing ever!!

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