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Vocal Microphones

Let your voice take center stage. When you want your performances to shine, Earthworks microphones are there to capture vocal subtlety with incredible detail for live performances. With a consistent polar pattern coupled with an incredible amount of off-axis rejection, you can rest assured the microphone will stay focused on your vocals and not the environment. And the true to life sound reproduction makes the Earthworks vocal microphones ideal for any venue or vocalist—from a classical concert hall to a heart pumping rock ‘n roll show.

Make Corrective EQ a Thing of the Past

Meticulously engineered to deliver open and articulate vocals before having to touch an EQ knob, Earthworks vocal microphones deliver unparalleled vocal clarity without the need for EQ and processing. The solid state discrete Class A circuitry and hypercardioid polar pattern provide minimal noise, remarkably consistent frequency response, and stunning detail for the utmost in powerful vocals. And you have loads of headroom to work with, so your vocals can cut through the mix.

Studio Sound on Stage

Earthworks brings its focus on precision and world class performance often reserved for studio microphones to the live performance arena. With a hand-tuned capsule and solid state discrete Class A circuitry, every performance will be brimming with an open, detailed and hauntingly real sound. Capture every breath and nuance, while keeping out other noises onstage that distract from the performance. And for vocalists who use in ears, the unparalleled vocal clarity and articulation Earthworks microphones deliver means less ear fatigue. So, you can hold on for one more encore for the chanting crowd.


With patented polar technology the delivers an incredibly consistent polar pattern, get the ultimate freedom to move onstage and work the microphone. With a whopping -32B of rear rejection, you are guaranteed ultra-high gain before feedback, so need to worry about those monitors making their way into the mix.


  • 32dB of off-axis rejection
  • Consistent polar pattern
  • Eliminates need for EQ or processing
  • Hand-tuned for stunning detail
  • Minimal handling noise











20kHz Cardioid Vocal & Instrument Microphone

Precision engineered cardioid condenser designed for vocals acoustic string instruments, brass, woodwinds, piano and drums


40kHz Handheld Vocal Microphone

World class handheld vocal microphone for live performances that delivers unmatched clarity and depth for vocals


40kHz Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule

Wireless vocal microphone capsule features fast impulse response, wide frequency response and high SPL handling


End Address Studio Vocal Microphone

End address studio vocal microphone featuring a 14mm capsule and staggering sonic clarity ideal for male and female vocals